Free Collection: machine learning in healthcare

Read free-to-access Scientific Reports articles that show how machine intelligence can be leveraged to improve human health.

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There is great scope for machine intelligence to bolster human endeavours to improve health and wellbeing. The Editorial team of the world’s largest multidisciplinary open-access journal, Scientific Reports, has brought together a selection of research that has contributed to the recent rapid progress of this field. Describing applications to infectious diseases, oncology, neurology, cardiology and ophthalmology, the 45 featured papers are completely free to access; simply click here. This Collection represents just a fraction of the machine learning research that’s been published in Scientific Reports. Access more than a thousand other free-to-access papers here.

Suzanne Farley

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature

Genetically-British Australian. Joined Nature Publishing Group in 2003. Spent 10 years in the Nature Reviews Division, and 5 years at Scientific Reports. Joined the Springer Nature Research Integrity Group in August 2018. Degree in Environmental Science, PhD in plant physiology and molecular biology (U Newcastle, Australia). Likes coffee, running, swimming, writing, parenting and my Kindle.