Neuroscience: time for SfN

A conversation about neuroscience
Neuroscience: time for SfN

Nature Neuroscience editor Jean Mary Zarate and Sachin Ranade from Nature Communications moderate A conversation about neuroscience with the current president of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Richard Huganir from Johns Hopkins University and Frances Jensen of the University of Pennsylvania, who chairs SfN’s public education and communication committee.


Here's a brainy word game with Richard Huganir and Frances Jensen.


Here are some highlights about the 2018 SfN annual meeting.


Here are some comments about machine learning. 

And here is the full conversation. 

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1.30     Brainy word game

4.00     What’s cool about this year’s line-up? Short SfN annual meeting preview including:

 7.05     A bit about jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, plasticity, social behaviors

 9.30     Exosomes and cell communication

 9.55     Artificial intelligence, implantable brain-machine interfaces

10.30    The plasticity of implanted devices

10.45     Cannabis and the brain

14.10     Handling the genetic diversity of neurological disorders

20.25     Dismantling silos in neuroscience and what can the role of machine learning be in neuroscience?

24.30     What matters when neuroscientists communicate their work, also to the general public?

28.00     The next emerging hot topics in neuroscience