Becoming a Bioentrepreneur


The word entrepreneur is thrown around a lot (including on this blog), and when it’s used that frequently, it can begin to lose its meaning. The term sounds vaguely swashbuckling, as if every person it applies to is flippantly quitting a secure academic job to roll the dice on a sexy, but probably doomed, start-up.

That may or may not be accurate, but the best way to define an entrepreneur is to go talk to one. Or several. Along those lines, Index Ventures (with support from Nature Biotechnology), is hosting a day-long event on October 18 in London, bringing together five experienced biotech entrepreneurs to explain just what it’s like to be at the forefront of biotech company formation.

The idea is to put seasoned execs in front of what might turn out to be biotech’s next generation of company founders, and discuss the ups, the downs, the excitement and the disappointments of forming start-ups. I’ve sat with countless CEOs as part of my responsibilities for Nature Biotechnology, and I can tell you perhaps the most interesting question you can ask is, What was it like to start your first company? The answer is rarely boring.

There will also be a business pitch workshop. For those of you in the London and surrounding area, take advantage of the opportunity to hear successful company founders talk about their experiences. And one more thing – the event is at The Brewery.  This is important because the biotech industry (like any other) thrives on networking, and networking thrives on alcohol, and alcohol will be served at the reception.

Here’s the best part: The event is free for academics.  See the flyer below for more information and details on how to RSVP (click to enlarge).

Hope to see you there.

Brady Huggett

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