Coming Soon


First post on a new blog. It’s like walking across fresh snow.

This blog will officially launch March 8, 2011, in coordination with the 15-year anniversary of Nature Biotechnology. (It was founded as Bio/Technology in 1983 but renamed Nature Biotechnology in 1996.) In the meantime, some information: you can find the homepage for Nature Biotechnology here and our Bioentrepreneur portal here. You can follow Nature Biotechnology‘s Twitter feed by going here (we’re @naturebiotech).

In general, though, you won’t hear much from me on this blog. We’ve accrued a great group of contributors located around the globe (for our current roster, visit the About page; click on author names for bios) and mostly I’ll just pass along information or otherwise help moderate the conversation. I’d like to also extend special thanks to Justin Chakma, for co-founding this blog.

Thanks for your interest, and we’ll be live in March.

Brady Huggett

Business Editor, Nature Biotechnology

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