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We’ve posted a new article, Shape Shifting, to the Bioentrepreneur site. The piece examines how to mold a company’s pipeline and opportunities, making it most attractive for partnering or buyout. It was written Bob Baltera, CEO of Amira (at the time), and the title refers to the necessity of changing the shape of a company as it progresses.

But shape shifting could also refer to the article itself. The process began early this year, after a meeting with Bob at the JP Morgan healthcare conference. The article went through several drafts and took months to put together — long enough for Amira to be snapped up by Bristol-Myers Squibb for $325 million, with another $150 million hooked to milestones.

Which meant we had to go back and reshape the article before publication to reflect this new outcome for Amira. Even without milestone payments, the buyout is a big win for Amira investors, who had put $28 million into the firm. It is outcomes like this that keep VCs interested in biotech.

You can read the HTML version of the article here, and the PDF version here.

Brady Huggett

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