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We’ve put a new article on the Bioentrepreneur site, written by Simcha Jong. His piece, Commercializing a disruptive technology, offers perspective and advice to bioentrepreneurs developing new technologies. It is broken loosely into two parts, covering product and platform strategies.

Being at a technological forefront means there’s a lot to consider, even before you start. For example, most biotechs turn to partners for help with the later stages of development. But for those in a brand new field, who would those partners be? Also, how do you best consider approval if your product is the first in a new class of drug? The piece discusses this and more.

This is Jong’s second article in Bioentrepreneur: early in 1990, we published When times get tough. That article doled out advice for biotechs on surviving a financial downturn. Although the world is climbing out of the official recession that crushed all of 2008 and part of 2009, it’s still an informative read today.

Comments about either piece are welcome on this blog, and if anyone is inclined to contact the author directly, Jong can be reached via his email listed on the article.

Brady Huggett

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