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We’ve posted a new article on the Bioentrepreneur website, Headwinds into Opportunity, by Prabhavathi Fernandes. The author is CEO, president and founder of Cempra Pharmaceuticals, and she previously helmed DarPharma, Ricerca Biosciences and Small Molecule Therapeutics. She’s also worked at BMS and Abbott. For more on her background, go here.

Her article details the obstacles in Cempra’s path at founding and as it attempted to derisk itself for investors by taking on an additional compound. These hurdles included an uncertain environment at the FDA, as Cempra’s main program was related to telithromycin, which had shown serious side effects on the market.

You can read the piece here online, or you can view the PDF. There is also a featured article pulled from our archives dealing with valuation for investors – read that here.

Brady Huggett

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