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As the week draws to a close, here are some of the stories that made headlines in the world of bioentrepreneurship this week.

Brazil’s state-run development bank BNDES announced that it would provide 30 billion to 35 billion reais (US $19 billion to $22 billion) for sugar cane ethanol production, vowing to work closely with the private sector to boost production in an industry that has struggled recently despite its immense promise.

The University of Zimbabwe has set up a new business unit to foster an entrepreneurial environment and help researchers commercialize their innovations. Key research areas include the development of animal vaccines, cassava-based foods and renewable energy—specifically solar power and non-carbon fuels.

A controversial 25-hectare biotech park has been given the go-ahead by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency. The National Biotech Park, the brainchild of Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, will be the country’s second biotech center. Academia Sinica President Wong Chi-huey called the day “the most important date” in the country’s biotechnological development.

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Michael Francisco

Michael Francisco

Senior Editor, Nature Biotechnology