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This edition of the News Net brings you an insider’s view of the policy gap between US and Chinese biotech, Canada’s new investment fund, a Taiwanese-Dutch connection, and what happened when a biotech CEO got an unsolicited email from Bill Gates.

  • In Forbes, Acorda Therapeutics CEO Ron Cohen relates a recent visit to China and compares that government’s pro-business policies to those of the US. He concludes that the US can and should adjust tax rules to ease the financial and regulatory burdens on investors. Read his thoughts here.
  • Canada’s new Venture Capital Action Plan, announced in the latest federal budget, will make $400 million available to help increase private-sector investments in the next 7 to 10 years. According to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, “The primary focus is on young entrepreneurs and the fact that we’re losing young entrepreneurs and their businesses to American enterprises, larger enterprises.” More details here.
  • BiotechEast highlights the reasons two Taiwanese life science companies, Taiwan Liposome Company and Body Organ Biomedical, chose the Leiden Bio Science Park in the Netherlands as the site for their European operations. Full story.
  • Finally, a reminder to look twice before deleting that seemingly suspicious email. The Wall Street Journal reports on how start-up Foundation Medicine caught the eye of Microsoft founder and super-investor Bill Gates, here.

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