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This week in the Net: bioentrepreneurism gets a boost from initiatives in Dubai and Cuba; and an incubator hatches in Moscow. Happy weekend reading.

  • The government of Dubai’s ongoing efforts to become the major biotech hub in the Middle East is spotlighted in GEN. Among the 120 companies now installed at DuBiotech and taking advantage of its 22 million square feet of space and “purpose-built” features are Pfizer, Bristol Meyer Squib, CHR Hansen and Firmenich.
  • Cuba’s government has created a new biotech-pharma combine made up of 38 companies. The group, called BioCubaFarma, will be guided by “business principles” in line with recent reforms enacted by Cuba’s Communist Party to update the country’s socialist model. The reforms also include broadening the scope for private business and plans to lay off 500,000 state employees through 2015. Read the story from FOX News here.
  • The Moscow Times reports on Formula BIO, the first Russian biotechnology incubation program designed to boost innovation and commercialization in the sector. Set up jointly with the Russian Venture Co., Formula BIO is focused on helping medical and biotech startups. Read the full article here.

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