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It’s time for a Net-ful of emerging biotech stories that you may have missed in the past few weeks. Happy weekend reading!

  • Via The Hindu, the Government of Karnataka has announced an expansion of its biotechnology finishing schools. The current 12 schools, which train graduates in skills required for the biotech industry, will be joined by new facilities in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Odisha. Previous graduates have all been placed in industry positions. More details here.
  • Sydney biotech Advanced Algal Technologies has signed a $100 million deal with China’s Fuzhou Xiangli Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Advanced Algal’s patented method of low-cost, high algal production process will be used to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing plants in China. Read more here.
  • Big Pharma is seeking to maximize its shrinking research budgets by looking at early-stage biotech, says Technology Review. Merck, Lilly and GSK, among others, have all invested in such companies recently. Here’s the the full article.

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