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The News Net returns with a slew of bioentrepreneur news from around the world. This week, Switzerland takes stock after a large shutdown; India, Malaysia and Australia all aim higher; and two new ways to fund your startup. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments.

  • Merck Serono’s recent decision to close up shop in Geneva has been a shock to western Switzerland. But according to, it may generate opportunities for emerging biotech companies. Read why here.
  • The Association of Biotech Led Enterprises (ABLE), the Indian biotech industry group, has called for setting up a Rs 5,000 crore (approximately $1.1 billion) biomanufacturing fund, as well as soft loans, larger special economic zones, tax incentives, a simplified regulatory framework and a biosimilars policy as keys to becoming a leader in the biopharma industry. Here’s the full article.
  • Technology Park Malaysia Biotech is inviting universities to commercialize their research, signing a memorandum of understanding with University Malaysia Pahang to focus on research into—among other native products—gaharu, a traditional oil used for making perfume, with a view toward commercialization. More details here.
  • Meanwhile, in Australia, Starpharma Holdings CEO Jackie Fairley thinks the government should make early-stage funding more attractive to investors, saying the industry would benefit greatly from incentives for investors in the form of tax breaks. Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie also recently urged investors to support emerging industries in the health and life sciences sector. Read more here.
  • Crowd funding isn’t just for creative types anymore. On the heels of Kickstarter’s success comes, a brand new crowdfund site focused squarely on tech startups. Read the Forbes article here.
  • Another new company, Gust, offers entrepreneurs a chance to submit funding requests to angel investors around the world. Since launching in September 2011, it currently boasts 35,000 investors on its platform with 185,000 entrepreneurs as registered users. Via Crain’s New York Business.

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