The News Net


As always, the News Net rounds up a selection of bioentrepreneur-focused news stories you may have missed over the past two weeks. Today’s catch includes help for startups in Chile, the US and UK.

  • Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the success of Start-Up Chile, started by the government in 2010 to boost local entrepreneurship. The audacious program gives $40,000 to startups led by foreign entrepreneurs to set up shop in Chile, no strings attached. Read about it here.
  • The Jumpstart Our Business Startups, or JOBS Act bill, recently signed into law by President Obama, expands funding options for small, fast-growing operations like biotech and tech companies. One provision allows companies to use crowd funding, a way for entrepreneurs to raise up to $1 million online from individual investors with minimal financial disclosure. Learn more here.
  • Finally, the UK government has announced the expansion of its £180 million “biomedical catalyst” fund to include later-stage companies as well as start-ups, a move welcomed by the biotech sector. The Scotsman has the details.

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