Behind the Paper Top Ten: 2019

Our most viewed Behind the Paper posts of 2019
Behind the Paper Top Ten: 2019

Happy New Year!

Let's begin 2020 with a run-down of our Top Ten most viewed* Behind the Paper posts of 2019, including contributions on virtual histology and electronic medicine. 

  1. Alex Zhavoronkov takes the top spot with his post explaining how AI can help identify new molecular candidates for drug development

  2. A post describing the first ever “DNA Search Engine” is our no.2, contributed by Kiana Aran.  

  3. In at no.3, David Rank’s post describes an improved method for analysing genomic sequences.    

  4. In our fourth most viewed Behind the Paper of 2019, Henrik Nielsen discusses SignalP 5.0, the latest version of a bioinformatic tool used to predict signal peptides from amino acids.

  5. Virtual-based histological staining is the topic of our fifth most viewed post, contributed by Aydogan Ozcan

  6. Shaun Patel’s Behind the Paper from September is just outside the top five. He writes about advancements in precision electronic medicine for understanding the brain.  

  7. A post by Leon Anavy on DNA-based data storage is our seventh most viewed Behind the Paper of 2019. 

  8. In at no.8, Justin O’Grady shares the story behind a new method for diagnosing bacteria lower respiratory infection based on metagenomics. 

  9. Chunxiao Song and his post about an improved method for detecting epigenetic changes in the mammalian genome is our ninth most viewed BTP. 

  10. And just making the Top Ten is Steven Henikoff’s post on enzyme tethering as an alternative technique to ChIP.

Thanks to all our Behind the Paper contributors from 2019 (we published 150 posts) and congratulations to those that made our Top Ten. We look forward to many more bioengineering stories in 2020. 

If you would like to post a Behind the Paper and don't see the 'Contribute' option along the menu bar, then please get in touch with us and we can update your profile. 

We also happily welcome Behind the Papers from journals other than our own, like this one by Max Atticus English on a paper he published in Science. 

*using Google Analytics. 

Poster image is from Kiana Aran's Behind the Paper (no.2)

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