Neil Lagali (He/Him)

Professor, Linköping University
  • Linköping University
  • Sweden

About Neil Lagali

I am currently a principal investigator running the experimental ophthalmology group at Linköping University, focusing on cornea and diseases of the ocular surface. Our lab performs basic science in cell culture and molecular biology, and evaluation of new biomaterials, biomedical devices and experimental substances in existing and new models of eye disease. Our team, in close collaboration with ophthalmologists, also performs clinical studies with a focus on biomedical imaging and new surgical therapy development for eye disease. My formal education is in engineering, physics, optics and photonics, after which I worked in the fiber optic telecommunications industry; however, during the past 20 years I have been working in the field of biomedical research and ophthalmology in particular.


Artificial organs Biomaterials Biomedical imaging Clinical trials Delivery of drugs, molecules or cells Drug and cell delivery Imaging Medical devices Regenerative medicine Tissue engineering Translational medicine


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