Seung-min Park

Instructor, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Stanford University School of Medicine
  • United States of America

About Seung-min Park

Seung-min Park is an Instructor of Urology at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Park had unique educational background in Physics (bachelor's degree, 2002) and Applied Physics (PhD, 2008), and has been exploring interdisciplinary pathways to academic independence (bioengineering, radiology, and urology). As a doctoral student at Cornell, Dr. Park pioneered the design and fabrication of micro and nanostructures for electronic, mechanical, and biological applications. His postdoctoral training at University of California, Berkeley had facilitated the cohesive development for translational applications of emerging micro/nano technologies for molecular analysis of diseases. At Stanford, Dr. Park expanded his research to include cancer diagnosis and assessment associated with liquid biopsy and developed a nanodiagnostics system for detecting genetic contents of single circulating tumor cells isolated from the blood. His recent work focuses on achieving precision health via the analysis of human excreta. 


Bio-MEMS Biochips Biomedical analytics Biomedical imaging Biomedical instrumentation Biomedical sensors Biomolecular engineering Clinical trials Diagnostics Health informatics Health systems engineering Medical devices Medical technology Micro- and nanobiotechnology Precision medicine Translational medicine Wearable technology Cancer technology Genomics Imaging Nanobiotechnology Single-cell technologies Smart biosensors and diagnostics


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