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Ville-Petri Friman

Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology, University of York

About Ville-Petri Friman

I am interested in eco-evolutionary dynamics of species interactions in complex microbiomes and how they affect the fitness and survival of associated host organisms. I am also a founding member and guitarist of melodic death metal band, Insomnium (http://www.insomnium.net/).


Systems biology Agricultural and animal biotech Metagenomics and microbiome

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Contributor Nature Biotech

Fighting fire with fire: using pathogen-specific viruses to control plant disease outbreaks

Plant pathogenic Ralstonia solanacearum bacterium causes considerable economic losses to food production systems. The main reason for this is that no effective control methods exist. Here we develop phage combination therapy that only targets the pathogen leaving beneficial microbiome unharmed.


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